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Something Taken Jerrie Brock

Something Taken

Jerrie Brock

Kindle Edition
342 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Life can be exciting when you’re eighteen and on your own—making a new start and leaving your past behind.Everything changes the night Terry is pulled over by the Denver Police. Intimidated and frightened, she submits to the cop’s demands. Terry did not realize that her submission would be used as future consent. As the cop stalks her, Terry finds her life slipping out of control. With only her pup to share her guilt and fears, and drugs to hide her shame, all her dreams are crumbling around her.In a desperate bid for salvation, Terry calls on the only person she hopes might still take a chance on her. Deputy Blakely once offered to assist her with her substance abuse. Would he still be willing to help? Lost in a fog of drugs and alcohol, Terry has no idea what happened. The Denver cop took her to a dark, secluded alley, pressing his advantage once again. This time, however, a shot rang out and everything has gone terribly wrong.All Terry knows for certain is something has been taken from her that she can never get back.