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Maids of the Gear Stick Cindy May

Maids of the Gear Stick

Cindy May

Kindle Edition
263 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A car is all the Maids of the Gear Stick need. Office girl Mel is saved from death and falls for the rescuer she once hated, but must defeat chic Gear Stick rival Ruth. Mel’s Aunt Marion had refused sex to her husband for years. Within days of Blanche’s party, the sexy Milf had screwed her tenth man. Interracial sex, striptease, car sex, gangbangs, cougar sex and hot romance from Cindy-May. Adult******He had needed to be strong for her, to reassure her, but now she was asleep, he could look at her. With her face smeared from sex and tears and her pussy bush that you could get lost in, she was no porn princess with silicone tits and a baby’s bum finish to her crotch.On the other hand, she was a real woman. The tits were her own and not bought. The sex was real and not simulated for a fat reward as with a porn star or a prossie. If the fates had not been kind earlier in the day she would not be lying naked in his car, but naked on a dissection bench.She would not be sleeping the sleep that follows good sex, but sleeping the everlasting sleep of the grave. He had waited for her in reception at CBL not because he liked her, but because someone to talk to was better than no one to talk to.*****Melanie, or ‘Melons’ as she was known in the CBL offices on account of her 38D tits was the office slut and would go with anyone. Norman Davies was arrogant and she hated his guts until the day he risked his life to save her. The only way Melons knew to say thanks was on her back in the passenger seat of Norm’s Aston Martin. Before long she loved his naughty nickname for her, ‘The Maid of the Gear Stick.”Soon Mel was head over heels in love with her ‘Knight of the Gear Stick’, but Norm was courting rich chick Ruth. When Norm qualified as an accountant in a few months, he would manage the family business, and a stylish wife who could mix with the right people was a must. Ruth, who has also spread her legs in Norm’s £100,000 plus car, had that quality- Mel would be an embarrassment.The office manager, Benny, was Mel’s uncle. For twenty years he had been locked in a marriage to his frigid wife, Marion, but at an explosive engagement party, Marion had finally come to her senses and embarked on a diet of non-stop sex.Soon Marion is enthusiastically spreading her legs and is as big a “Maid of the Gear Stick” as her niece. A virgin when she married Benny almost twenty-five years back, Marion is making up for lost time, and the only question is how long until she her lovers climb into double figures? She even gets frisky with a taxi driver in front of her husband when they go clubbing.As Norman heads to the romantic Seychelles for a dream holiday with the fashion-plate blonde Ruth, Mel’s dreams collapse and a sinister figure enters her life. Things are not going too smoothly for cougar Marion either.At work, the pressures mount as the ruthless new boss at Western Chartered as CBL is now known wields the axe. Typist Vikki thought her troubles were over when her previous boss got his just desserts, but is given a blunt ultimatum to put up or else. Mel falls foul of the boss, and even the good-natured office manager, Benny is at risk.How will Auntie Marion, her niece Mel, and the hapless Vikki cope as it is crunch time for the Maids of the Gear Stick? In the convoluted world of office politics and office sex, can anyone ride into battle to protect the maids?