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Reunion (Orca Young Reader Jacqueline Pearce

Reunion (Orca Young Reader

Jacqueline Pearce

Published December 28th 2002
ISBN : 9780613900720
School & Library Binding
0 pages
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 About the Book 

Will a handful of beads and the power of a story be enough to heal friendships across three generations? Youre supposed to be my friend, Jas, Mitsu said matter-of-factly, but there was hurt in her voice. If youre not going to act like one, I want my bracelet back. Fine I said. With one sudden movement, I tore the bracelet off my wrist. Too late, I remembered the clasp. The bracelet caught for a moment on the width of my hand, then gave. The red beads flew from the broken string, bouncing with tiny plops over the boardwalk and off into the mud. Mitsu burst into tears, turned and ran. Mitsu I called. The shock of my own action had stopped the flow of anger with a sudden, sickening bump. Im sorry I called after her. But Mitsu was gone. Shannon is excited about spending a week at her friend Rinas house, but shes a little nervous too. Rina seems to be able to do everything better than she can and her home is chaotic compared to Shannons own. When things fall apart, Rinas grandmother is there to tell them a story from her past, early in the Second World War. The story is about a rift between her and her childhood friend, Mitsu, a rift that could never be healed because Mitsu and her family were taken away from the small town of Paldi and interned with other Japanese Canadians. Rinas grandmother, Jas, never saw Mitsu again. That is, not until Shannon and Rina find a handful of forgotten beads in the bottom of a cardboard box.