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Sun of Sanematsu Kei Swanson

Sun of Sanematsu

Kei Swanson

Published July 1st 2013
ISBN : 9781934841204
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 About the Book 

It is my hope to share my love for Japan and its warrior class, the Samurai, with you.I have written many stories with a Japanese hero since I began creating fanfiction for the original STAR TREK series, starring the character Lt. Sulu. This was in high school and as I aged I discovered other avenues to pursue in the world of writing, all involving an Asian hero. Getting them published was another thing.Struggling to find a publisher, I began a work inspired by Hideo Nomo, the first Japanese National to pitch in the major leagues in 30 years. At the same time, I attended a ROMANTIC TIMES convention in San Antonio and spoke with Will Colom, who had just started his publishing house Genesis Press. He spoke of his desire to publish ethnic romances with an eye to the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian market. Within 18 months I had the work completed and ready for submission.THE WORDS OF THE PITCHER sold and was on the shelf in 2000. (It’s still available, hint, hint!) The incredible ride of a published author was wonderful. In 2004, I sold my second work, SEABIRD OF SANEMATSU to Zumaya Publications which was released in September 2005. SEABIRD is the first volume of a three volume series set in 15th century Feudal Japan, the second book in the saga, SEASON OF SANEMATSU was released in Spring, 2009.My goal in writing books with Japanese heroes is to show the erotic side of the samurai. Some say I’ve succeeded with Kentaro Ikuta and Sanematsu Yoshihide. See for yourself!I also write contemporary romance with the standard non-ethnic hero. Hopefully, they’ll live up to the standards I have set for my Samurai.Let me know what you think…about anything.Sayonara,Kei