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More than a dating service

More than a dating service

Nilsay was established to help finding your real partner easier in today's rushing world. We at Nilsay know that it takes two to make the sun shine. With that in mind, we would like you to find the one with whom it will shine.

If you are looking for the right one but not keen on being limited by boundaries, then we are the right place for you.

With Nilsay, the whole world is open to you, because we are present in 16 countries. We are proud to say that with us, finding the right one is not even a matter of borders.

We find it important to live up to every expectation of our users. We at Nilsay do not aim to follow trends - we aim to set them. We are continuously developing our system by integrating new functions, which will be one of a kind on the whole world.

Nilsay is more than just a standard dating website, it is already offering a great number of new and innovative features.

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